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Whether the children came from Denver or Saponé, this environmental education twinning allowed exchanges to take place between both children and animators. It allowed them to use ideas, concepts of nature, and games, making them their own using scientific and pleasurable methods. Internet permitted this and was well worth while for everybody. 

The games, exchanges, and discussions generated by this short meeting in Brest will certainly leave worthwhile traces. This is guaranteed by the smiles, bursts of laughter, and expressions of wide-eyed wonder. 

The association Jardins d'enfants (Children's gardens) has passed on this new network of relations to the twinning association Brest-jumelages. In a planetary epoch it is a good thing to keep your friends, your twin cities: tutors, references. 

Today, the Internet site and the oak planted by these ambassadors right in the centre of Brest bear witness to these wonderful exchanges and the ethnographic, cultural and scientific material that they offered us. 

We would like this fresh and spontaneous seedbed to inspire new  initiatives and, beyond gardens, urge us to meet together and discover more and more…