Children gardens

In cities, children do not often have the opportunity to make contact with nature, so they often have an incomplete notion of it. Local parks in the neighbourhood provide a sort of contact, but when you ask children to draw a garden, the paths, benches and flower-beds dominate in their drawings.

From October to June 2001, 330 children from Brest and its 10 twin cities, in regular contact with botanists, naturalists, council gardeners and artists, discovered that the design and evolution of a park obeys ecological principles. 
The park is richer or less rich in diversity according to their actions. 
Each school made a plan for a park: 
an ideal garden, an accomplice, a playmate incorporating ecological diversity and cultural reminders. 

From the 12th to the 16th June, child-ambassadors from the twin cities met in Brest for a week to pool their efforts and create the plan for the twinning garden together. 

An exhibition of their work showed the people of Brest some inventive gardens full of interesting features. Attracting the birds and butterflies, creating Tarzan's garden, trampoline hills or a musical island are no longer problems.

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